ResiGo Hotel Software

The conquest of the hotels through an “old lady” Kehlbach, 07.12.2009 – while the professionals in the accommodation establishments on Resi may go, the charming lady is probably hidden the most hotel guests. Like, it ensures the big and small things that guests notice not so much in the background. Who is ResiGo? Before you waste your valuable time mulling we tell you on the spot, who will be your new lady in the hotel everyday. ResiGo is your new hotel software for easy and smooth implementation of all administrative operations around to accomodate your guests. By booking through the booking up to check in, the room occupancy over the check out to billing and much more includes the range of services your new virtual colleague. Create invoices, company overviews and occupancy statistics are more specialties that resi go well knows.

And because nobody likes shroud wants to buy the cat in the bag or the Lady under the veil, we keep the little sister prepared by ResiGo for you! The beginner program for hoteliers, who finally want to have a truly free hotel software with a wide range of functions, called Resi go free. All important tools of functional hotel software with an extremely user-friendly interface and an extremely simple installation are available in this version of the program. And that guaranteed completely free of charge! No software costs, no expensive updates, no fixed costs for care and support. Just install the program and can already after a short, simply hold you fast and comfortably use the advantages of the version Resi go free. And as interesting ladies lead in her purse with interesting things, we get the payroll software it specially for you PosBill. Hotel software can not be easier. Try it out! If you want to have ResiGo with all its exciting and useful possibilities of flexible hotel software in your home, then you better hurry! Are tomorrow to the hotels, with Resi Go have a very lovely lady at your reception decide for the new generation’s hotel software!