Tourism Development

Advances in technology of aviation and engineering systems, ground transportation, as well as systems of electronic data continues to be carried out throughout the 90s. The development of travel will be more rapid, direct, network a variety of routes and less costly. At the same time will improve the means of information support and booking trips. The development of trade. In the 90 years the circumstances of international trade become more liberalized, although the apparent constraints caused by the Uruguay Round of GATT. International trade remains a significant practical development in an environment where more countries actively involved in both exports and imports. Installed and is more regional agreements, such as the type of a free trade agreement in North America (NAFTA), which in turn supports tourism between countries.

Expanding international networks and tour operators. Transport infrastructure. The expected scale of tourism growth will affect the construction and entertainment required by tourists. The largest problems in this regard arise in the field of transport infrastructure (airports, road and rail networks). Moreover, the expected reconstruction of transport infrastructure in all parts of the world.

Take one example: was only two years (1994, 1995) as an active airport in Hong Kong has reached its capacity, and in 1997 opened a new airport. In the same period, Hong Kong airport congestion have reduced their potential for business activity. Without any reference to the global air transport processes and the real prospect of the difficulties lies in the fact that air travel and tourism growth would be subject to collision in many parts of the world during the 90s.