The presence of AF can further improve the quality of photos. It should be noted that even if the market model with a 5 megapixel camera, quality pictures will be worse than obtained with a digital camera. Also in the sale of a phone with 2 cameras – front and rear. In this case, one of them will be obviously weaker than the other. 3.4 Memory – option includes the amount of available memory on your phone, as well as support for memory cards. This is important if you write to the phone ringing for a call, store photos and videos, and share it all with friends and acquaintances. The second parameter is practically a standard feature of modern phones.

Basic information: Memory card type (SD, miniSD, TransFlash, M2) and the maximum amount of cards that can read a mobile phone. Type card or not affect anything, just sometimes every phone manufacturer maintains its own type of memory card. Some high-end handsets have 8 or 16 gigabytes, even (for information – a lot) of internal memory. In this case, Naturally, they do not need a memory card. 05/03 Communications – is the infrared port, Bluetooth, MMS, GPRS, WAP-browser, EDGE, Wi-Fi. You can get lost in these abbreviations, so briefly: the first two – the transfer of data between phones or to communication with the computer; MMS – to transmit messages in pictures and music (as opposed to SMS); the remaining four technologies used for wireless Internet access. It's simple – if you intend to use it then note.