Wood And Charcoal

The density of wood of different species is different. Therefore, 1 ton of coal can be obtained from 7.8 cubic meters of birch and only 12.11 cubic meters of softwood species. Manufacturing technology of charcoal: In a special oven is loaded and burnt birch logs. After the initial burning of wood in the stove stop the flow of oxygen. process of carbonization (pyrolysis). After cooling, the birch charcoal is taken out, sieved and packaged.

Excellent charcoal is ready. The technology of charcoal production is relatively simple, but still requires a certain organizational culture. Otherwise, the output of coal is reduced, it can be obtained at lower quality. Currently, there are many devices for charcoal burning. At the current stage of development are most appropriate technological solutions that can be used in a forestry company and can recycle waste. In this devices must meet the following conditions: the performance of raw material should correspond to the volume of waste at the plant (typically 3000-20000 m per year). So way preclude further transport of raw materials, increases the cost of production; for a small performance impractical to process liquid products. They should be burned, covering the need for process heat; installation should be clean.

Necessary to eliminate environmental emissions and pollution; Installation should be simple to manufacture. Transportable option should be able to move in relocation of timber; Installation should be easy to manage, explosion and fire. As for guests charcoal operates in Russia gost 7657-84 and gost 7657-94 'Charcoal grades A, B, B'.