When conducting pre-commissioning work at the brick mini-mills, a number of communication problems. As part of the equipment for brick contains several pieces of equipment: presses, conveyors, bucket elevators, silos of cement and inert fillers, mixers, dispensers aggregates, cement, pigments and water. All of this equipment can be manufactured at various companies in Russia and is not consistent in their performance. To synchronize the work of all the mechanisms necessary to have appropriate control cabinet mini brick factory. Control cabinets are made on the basis of modern microprocessor and electronic technology and allow you to control equipment in manual and automatic modes. 'Automatic' – this is the main mode, which is the output. It is automatic synchronization of all the mechanisms mini brick plant productivity. The presence of modes of 'Hand' and 'Debug' allows you to check the work of all units of equipment brick factory mini step by step.

The main system parameters Control can be set manually with the built-in keyboard and displayed on a digital display cabinet. Finding the equipment at a certain stage of the program set is denoted by light indication. With the passage of malfunctioning equipment, the program automatically stops the equipment and displayed an error code. It only remains to determine the cause of failure. In the control cabinet instead of the widely used standard contactors and starters using electronic switching elements.

This allowed us to significantly increase the reliability and robustness of the control cabinet, as well as the warranty period of uptime and overall life. Currently produced works on manufacturing of control cabinets mini brick factories on the basis of SCADA-systems. Application of this system will change the architecture of a mini factory automation, process set parameters and control equipment, as well as visualization of information. Processing of information coming from all the arrangements made in real time. Exchange of data between industrial controllers and I / O devices are also in real time via the drivers. Displaying all necessary information on the screen represented in human-readable form. Appears opportunity to prepare and report on the progress of the process. All mentioned above – there are certain advantages of modern technology, which allows a control system in a distributed control system mini brick factories.