Receivercontrol Devices

A distinctive feature of the new receiver-control device INTEGRA is possible to connect it to an Ethernet network for remote monitoring of fire protection system (OPS) of several houses or shops. With specialized software with Russian-language interface, this receiver-control unit can also be controlled via the Internet. Configurable device with the help of the program DLOADX, runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. This software allows visualized on a computer monitor the current state of fire and security systems, displays a virtual keyboard, which is controlled by the receiving-control unit, and provides a readout of the journal events from memory. The INTEGRA generates the following types of alarms: alarm intrusion, fire alarm, anxiety attacks, anxiety and additional technical alarm. All these concerns can be initiated by signals from control or fire detectors, control the keyboard and other devices. Depending on how you programmed the receiving-control unit, alarm sirens alarm can be carried out by optical and acoustic annunciators, alarm display on the keyboard, sending alarm messages to a central monitoring station or alarm to the phone.

To service the control panel software is used GUARDX, which displays the current information about the disturbing events in the alarm system, provides access to the memory of the receiving-control unit and displays on the computer signals an alarm in a graphical form with sound support. The software also allows administrator full control equipment, create and edit a list of users and assign them to credentials. When you install the optional module GSM-4 of this SATEL The control panel can send alarm messages to cell phone, and if damaged landline GSM-4 can be used to support the back channel information. At the same time, the module acts as a receiver management of SMS-messages to the control panel INTEGRA, if necessary, can act as an external modem. To control the security system, the core of which is the receiving-control unit Satel, use either the keyboard with liquid crystal displays, which serve many of the plume of different objects, or the keyboard group, serving only one group of trains. In this group can act as a keypad code castle, and users are allowed to manage only those groups of loops to which they have access, defined by the administrator OPS when programming the device.

Buy the receiving-control instruments can INTEGRA Moscow warehouse of the official Russian distributor of equipment SATEL – of "ARMO-Systems", and additional information about the unit and other components of the OPS – Call (495) 787-3342 or by e-mail. Polish SATEL company operating in the European security market since 1990 and specializes in the manufacture and sale of equipment and software for fire and security systems (OPS) for various purposes. SATEL produces the receiving-control instruments, in including a sensor for flat modules GSM, wireless alarm systems, various security sensors, light and sound detectors, gas sensors, radio sets and many accessories security systems. Moreover, all placed on the market are different solutions SATEL good combination of price and quality, are successfully sold worldwide network of distributors and have all the necessary Russian certificates.