Virtual University

Here we return to the digitalis and the contemporary. Or of the contemporary and the digitalis. When one is consuming the respective and inexorable vital parabolas, and it does from spirits afflicted by searches that usually transfer the physical death, begins to become meat that the comtemporaneo is a fleeting episode of the eternal thing. And he is perhaps from creation, comtemplacion and the aesthetic diffusion, from where one can be noticed, that one is not but in its contemporaneidad, that a exceedingly fleeting carrier, of the testimony of an eternity, to our taste very overlapped with the divinity. And the stigma of the provisional state, acompanha to the notion of ” digital”.

Some of the so many spirits, that by these times in all the points of the Planet, meditate on the impact of the tics, maintain that the distinguishing note of the Tics., is the SPEED. This notion of the speed of calculation, already sostenia Toffler, by the end of the decade of the 70, but many not dabamos us account to that one was talking about. By that then not habia begun even the slow process of democratization that suponian the PCs. Who by these hours, already we accede to the present state of the Tics (that are harnessed when associating to Internet, with the broadcasting, I even scan and the photocopied one), we are intuiting what they can pass when it is implemented, which suppose concepts like ” nanotecnologia”. Concepts like: ” Everything what a man, can imagine another one podra realizarlo” , or ” ” it is always necessary to have force, to break all the limites” , they can serve to realise the spiritual exercises, that prepare our intention, to remove benefit, of speeds of calculation, that surpassed, in magnitudes that I do not dare to labeling, the capacity today to our disposition. If the color, the line, the sound could be digitized, that we can hope, of the trigital (that is however of the binary thing to the trinario), in all the fields, the aesthetic one including? And who assures, that other logics can become serious, beyond the trinaria that today to redescubir us in the culture aymara, like the templario/cuatrernario thought that glimpsed the argrentino Jose Imbelloni in decda of the forty? Surely, it is a vice of the times from which we come, the one to close a speech with some conclusion. Cultores of the ethics of the diversity and the trasndisciplinario, slight knowledge that we watered in the mathematician brasilenho Ubiraran D” Ambrisio, present director of the project Virtual University Latin American, and conscientious of the limitations of all monographic emprendimiento, I only aspire to that they honor to me reading these lines, they continue unfolding its personalities through the aesthetic thing for the growth of the human saga.