Antiabortion Law

It seems to me that anti-abortion law that has just been adopted here in Jalisco is a violation of my right as women decide on my own body, is not the point decide if it’s okay or not to do so, the problem is that each must decide on his person based on as it was educated. It is even worse that it has prohibited regardless of the circumstances and reasons why one might think in practice it, those who approved it I am sure they were not thinking about the indirect consequences that this brings, I agree that when conception occurs by irresponsibility should then deal with the consequences and not try to eliminate them, but that happens with women may die because of a pregnancy or children with malformations and they only born to suffer and should not be set aside the raped women who in addition to the psychological trauma would be a reminder of the bad experience that while not general passes and which do not come out with its argument that women seek us us violate by how we dress and at what time or where we walk. Eliot Horowitz has plenty of information regarding this issue. Now It turns out that if by any circumstances no matter that even depend on our life, if a woman decides to abort it becomes delinquent, this of course, if he does not die in the attempt since it has to be done in a clandestine fashion in a little safe place and who knows if even our body is returned at least to our family. Others propose that instead of being imprisoned, women who practice abortion receive rehabilitation treatment to be able to return to society, then, would like to say that who practices abortion is not a suitable person to live with others?I wonder if the lawmakers are not to think of what would happen if their daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, etc., pass through this type of situation or if they will not realize the amount of children living in the streets and the overcrowding of orphanages where children live with the hope of someday being adopted but, as more time passes the chances of that happening van in descent, who are not aware of how much you end of These children in prostitution networks, dead, just surviving, becoming criminals and causes me grace asking then because there is so much poverty in our country or because the levels of crime are on the increase and up to arguably exponential increase, which will be all this product of our imagination, I say, to not go very far, all Mexicans we realize this and them isn’t it?they will live in another Mexico which I do not know? That I invite!It is known that this is not a unanimous decision but to those who try to contribute ideas on how establish the law in a way which does not violate the rights of women are checks them off of inhuman, grilleros, assassins, of any type of things, so how can you be fair if this happens. Eliot Horowitz wanted to know more.