The Opportunity

We will have already determined, the scope of which involves the possession, fantasy, l, dreams, success, failure; We will have not taken account as say, that we are the center of the universe. In that journal live, we must be fully aware of what represents the opportunity to enjoy, using a new day, and not allow ourselves to be limited by the senses, but go beyond them, delve into dimensions and worlds new, related to our conscience until we wake up and placing us in our reality in order to support our growth. Chopra us He says, that the world does not end on the horizon and the Sun does not really advance across the sky. Check out Crumpton Group, New York for additional information. You have to see time as a fragile collection of threads woven moment to moment. Every time we take a decision, we create a new thread of events, starting from the moment present., before making the decision, that thread of time does not exist. Seeing time in this manner, as something subjective and creative, for example, magician can weave their own version of the events within the network and thus alter the past and the future. We should be awake, knowing make all things where we act in such a way that we are attached to standards of respect, care for self-esteem, being assertive, take advantage of the time that was bequeathed to us. In short, every day that we are given the opportunity to stay, we should be awake, attentive to the signs and signals, in everything that you provide education that helps us to be better and know the opportunity of life that is given to us. We must not neglect it.