Another Time Religion

Today, when the world’s evolution is observed through a wide-angle that allows to analyze the General contours of international political news, the religious factor returns to show dominant theme. And its evolution involves aspects of great concern for the future. In our historical experience as Europeans, the idea of a war between religions is so far hard to assume their reality. We are used to analyze economic, social, political, or even territorial, causes that give intelligible meaning to the wars, and believe that only combat by religion is something of an irrational past that already could not nor should revive. So when the evidence shows us that fundamentalist Islam of Al-Qaeda invokes the war calls violence to bring down the great Western Satan and rebuild a universal Caliphate, us difficult to accept it, and we tend to take refuge in the idea that it is a bad Islam.

And that there are other good, Orthodox Islam. Not warned that the Islam, like Christianity, is based on a few susceptible to various interpretations of sacred texts and that, in the same way that Bush convened a crusade, performing to his liking the Christian tradition, Islam is, in every moment, that decide the groups or societies that control them. Hard for us to understand that religious wars arise, develop and extend across the planet by an only reason: religion. Candida that this idea will seem to us, what from makes a couple of decades is afflicting humanity, from the us to Indonesia and from London to Mogadishu, it is a brutal violent struggle, after which there remains the specific idea of a God, a deity of any religion whose promises incite war, to take up arms and die waiting for a paradisedream and ideal, as a reward to the sacrifice of life. From our point of view Christian West, where the appearance and spread of the dominant religion were made within a pre-existing State, the Roman Empire, it is not easy to understand the ideology of the Islam.