The same thing can cause a null suffering or a tragic earthquake depending on who, and how, receives it. Acceptance of the lesson that brings suffering and pain that it causes, they allow that it is thin, and that then appears and installs the serenity, a sincere peace and a pleasant feeling of having understood the teaching. Our suffering puts us in touch with the suffering of others and allows us to understand them better, to be able to welcome them and help them with greater empathy can be a spiritual pain? Without a doubt. It is not a physical pain, although it could come to somatizar, nor is located at a specific point in the body. It is a feeling that annihilates, a grief of unknown origin, an inconsolable sadness is a pain that it is in the spirit; It is our divine nature that warns us that something is not going well, and although we try to stifle it with gifts or promises, with distractions or denying it, still manifesting with insistence, fortunately, without stopping until we become case. How is this pain eliminated? Resolving the claim of the soul, which is always the same: more attention to what really concerns him to her, that is self and its realization full as being complete; that is the recognition of the personal divinity and the reunion with the whole soul; It is to meet the commitment that one is proposed when it embodies not abandon what we commonly separate and we call spiritual part; that is what is not consoled with excuses or material achievements. The prizes that we give to stifle the claim of the soul comfort us awhile, but not definitively.

True peace for our soul is performed when we recognize it and pay attention that we require and deserve. Satisfaction and exaltation that produces spirituality have not a substitute to appease the soul. RESUMIEND: Run the risk of become addicted to emotional pain. It has something addictive that feeling of being a victim, and you is also easier to follow in that sorry state that face reality and begin the search for the origin of evil. Art thou who is going to suffer needlessly, so you decide if plants face the problem and undo you on him, or if you let it bitter you life and the future. You already know that this pain is unnecessary, that it gives you anything positive, and that pushes you into a tragic spiral of self-destruction and enmity with you. The decision is simple.