Alziro Zarur

In terms of the same point of view, there rich proud and cunning, and others of a Franciscan simplicity. Therefore, the revelation of Jesus to the simple of heart, which is found everywhere we preach for decades. () The Supreme creator is who really knows what happens in the privacy of his creatures, whatever their belief or disbelief. The obligation of each of us in this new year that starts is launching the network, keeping in view that the proposal of the heavenly Thaumaturgus is of us transform into fishers of men, women, youth, children and spirits * 11 because for your universal Mies. Still, without ever being compelling in our way of thinking.

The era of the create or die already is long, long overdue. Thanks to God! Free oppressors God this is the politics of God which we agitate incessantly (free feuds that some still want it keep subjugated), giving continuation to a work started by Ecumenical Christ himself and that the Religion of the third millennium comes spreading, taking as a base the understanding of the new commandment of Jesus, whose extraordinary importance revealed to all, brother Alziro Zarur. He says the good Shepherd * 12: new commandment I give unto them: love each other as I loved them. Only in this way will be recognized as my disciples, if you have the same love for each other. () There is no greater love than give his own life for his friends (). And you will be my friends if you do what I command them.

And I send it: love each other as I loved them. Because in the same way as the father loves me, I also love them. Abide in my love. (Gospel of Jesus, the Ecumenical Christ, according to St.