Such company is in the market has 59 years and today she is considered leader absolute in the domiciliary gas ring and tends to more grow in the segment granary. Currently the Paulnia branch office works directly with regional Se/CO (Southeastern/Center-West) that she is situated in So Paulo and it answers for the Matrix that is in $fortaleza? Cear. To effect its deliveries, the branch office uses vehicles of small, average and great transport, what it makes with that the organization has one high cost of maintenance of same a time that twirl very. In order to get the necessary information for elaboration of this work the exploratria research based in secondary data was used. For this base was used as, information removed of the company and bibliographical research on the boarded subject.

Through the gotten data, a simulation of scene for the next period was made, showing the possible results. Moreover, the work had as boarding of the problem given qualitative, so that if it can know of the real conditions of the company in relation to the costs of maintenance of the vehicles. 2,1 COLLECTIONS OF DATA AND INSTRUMENTS OF COLLECTION In the collection of data were used the monographic method and of research-action, where a general study on the subject was made. According to Eden and Huxham (2001), the research-action is applied in the cases that are necessary to collect given more significant. Moreover, the researcher can test hypotheses on the subject of study making simulation of scenes in relation to the current one.

In this type of research, the researcher possesss the responsibility to apply the knowledge acquired through data, a time that the same ones become more easily accessible in an research-action. Moreover, primary sources had been used to get the data. According to Marconi and Lakatos (2008), the primary sources are collected through found direct documentations in the proper place where the problems are occurring.