The Repair

A look at the current market prices is worth. A good and fair workshop should be set on Be able to estimate the repair price and to face the time value of the notebook. The same applies to the probability of consequential or inherent errors. Last but not least, the later ‘migration’ of the existing data on an any new device before the commissioning of the repair should be considered. Who is himself not in the position, transferred his data and programs on the new device, needs access to do this again in the Pocket. What the “fun” typically costs an average investment for laptop repairs between 100 and 250 moves. Depending on the manufacturer and defect, but also far beyond the cost may be. So-called motherboard damage for example, the repair price can quickly exceed the time value in an Exchange.

Again, the quality of the workshop plays a role: not every motherboard must be replaced immediately. Sometimes, a sustainable repair is cheaper. Also repairs there is a guarantee on what some do not know: also there is a warranty on repairs. Customers should be sly make, how long the laptop repair shop “guaranteed” the work carried out. Therefore, a detailed description of the defect on the part of the workshop is important.

Only in this way can be repaired warranty precisely. The guarantee should be by the way, at least six months on services and 12 months for used parts. When an insurance company in the game comes the damage to the laptop is caused by a third party, is possibly still an insurance policy in the game. Also here mostly the fair value principle. The insurance company requests a cost estimate or opinion. This compare with the value of the insurer and to decide for or against a repair. Customers should make sure that the cost estimates of selected notebook workshop accept their insurance.