Cognitivo Delay

Intellectual deficiency or mental delay is a term that if uses when a person presents certain limitations in its mental functioning and the performance of tasks as of communication, personal care and of social relationship. These limitations provoke a bigger slowness in the learning and the development of these people. The children with delay cognitivo can need more time to learn to say, to walk and to learn the abilities necessary to take care of of itself, as being dressed or eating with autonomy. It is natural that they face difficulties in the school. However they will learn, but they will need more time. It is possible that some children do not obtain to learn some things as any person who also does not obtain to learn everything. Which are the causes of the Intellectual Deficiency or Cognitivo Delay? The investigators had found many causes of the intellectual deficiency, most common are: Genetic conditions: By times, the mental delay is caused by abnormal genes inherited of the parents, for errors or accidents produced in the height where the genes if combine ones with the others, or still for other reasons of genetic nature. Some examples of propiciadoras genetic conditions of the development of an intellectual deficiency include the syndrome of Down or the fenilcetonria.

Problems during the pregnancy: The cognitivo delay can result of one inapropriado development of the embryo or the embryo during the pregnancy. For example, it can happen that, when of the division of the cells, problems appear that affect the development of the child. An alcoholic woman or that she contracts an infection during the pregnancy, as rubola, for example, can also have a child with problems of mental development. Problems to the rising: If the baby has problems during the childbirth, as, for example, if he does not receive oxygen enough, he can also happen that he comes to have problems of mental development.