. Newton Boiler Mosque At the beginning of this new century, we live deeply transformations that finish for determining social changes, cultural politics and, with extreme growth of the cities, them social institutions and them technological innovations. The technological Evolution has grown on way and this can supply given qualitative and quantitative on the results in the enterprise, institucional sectors, etc. The data of research can be useful subsidies for empirical analyses on the impacts searched with rapidity and security providing one to remake conscientious. Using the new resources we can direct and implant forms for the increasing quality and efficiency, in the new world, involving adaptation of the School Publishes for better adjustment its necessities and reality current, capable to form critical, conscientious citizens of its paper, responsible social politically and. We professors are basic parts in the process and this demands more caution in what it says respect to the formation to lead and to implant the medias in classroom exists a necessity of if to make entire anticipatedly about the subject that will be boarded knowledge in the manuscript of it schemes for correct use of the tool used for the dynamism, domain and didactic security. Many schools contract technician for the low cost and compromise the learning.

This professional must have a pedagogical formation, an experience of classroom and still knowledge in Technologies of the Information and the Communication, therefore the professor is not only one facilitador and must have a qualification to propitiate resources necessary to alavancar the process, of correct form making a good use next to softwares. I understand that the coordination of Technologies must be intent and involved with the curricular planning of you discipline them to all, suggesting activities pedagogical, using the technological resources, for, and in such a way necessary the support of the direction, force necessary to execute the suggested projects. The coordinator, responsible professional for the area of educational technology must have its formation pautada in the pedagogical area, having as objective greater, organize and to give has supported the professor, in the development of the activities, using the medias with the computer, facilitating the process and assisting the colleague professor in the elaboration of the activities; keeping the colleague informed professor of the technological advances, presenting the innovations of use of the tool and stimulating to search new knowledge, providing support in all the sectors and guiding how much to the use of the equipment. We must discover didactic ways, enabling and assumeing the role of facilitador in the construction of the knowledge and not plus a transmitter of information schemes, It does not improve the education alone and necessary, therefore of prepared, flexible professors to reflect the necessities the local level and the main initiatives in all the sectors of the education and that they have as mission, to form qualified and critical citizens to act in the transformation of the Society. Bibliographical: . Access in: 11 nov. 2009.