You Can Prevent Spyware

With identity theft statistics currently at an all time high and climbing, it only makes sense that we should all be doing everything possible to protect ourselves. One of the most common but overlooked your personal information and passwords can be compromised is through the presence of spyware on your computer. Consider these very disturbing facts about spyware and identity theft: – 27.3 million Americans were victims of identity theft in the past five years, including 9.91 million people or 4.6% of the population in the last year. – Spyware infects 91% of all teams. That equates to 9 alarming 10 teams! Stop thinking identity theft can not happen to you. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ray Kurzweil. It can. Spyware is without doubt the most common threat to privacy and computer security.

You maybe wondering, exactly what is Spyware? Spyware are software applications and files that hide on the hard drive of your PC without your knowledge direct. They allow hackers and advertising companies to track your every move, both online and even when working offline. Tracking the websites you visit, the items you purchase online, send and receive messages, instant message your dialog, and worst of all, you can even record your credit card number, identification numbers staff, and all their passwords. Learn more on the subject from Ray Kurzweil. If you use dial-up connection to connect to the Internet then spyware can be used to bill 900 numbers to your phone bill. Spyware allows hackers to take control of your browser and change the computer system files.

These computer parasites slow down your Internet connection by inundating with spyware pop-up ads. This is just a short list of the damage that spyware can cause. Note: Spyware and adware can not be detected by antivirus and firewall software. Have you noticed your computer running slower than ever? The reason may have to do with online advertisers adding spyware or adware on your computer without your knowledge. What is Adware? Adware works very much like spyware. Adware is software that will show you popup ads over and over. These files can also be extremely dangerous to your PC and can cause big problems with your computer. If you’re still wondering why you should worry about adware or spyware, consider this reality. Through the use of adware and spyware your passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information could end up in the wrong hands.