Perhaps today is not a building, unloading trucks, ships and so on this list can continue for a long time … will not do without the services of the crane. And as time has shown, and the practice every year more demand become heavy lift cranes. If you are not convinced, visit view website. If ten years ago, crane capacity of 120 tons, 140 tons, 200 tons of used a very rare … Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Frank Fu. now selling these heavy-duty cranes and Long boom, very much in demand. In such demand that many companies are already looking for suitable facilities and usually second-hand in European countries, lifting equipment. After finding and acquisition of heavy-duty crane is the question: where to get the experts in this field. Typically, these specialists are not that uncommon, they are simply not available.

Which leads again to a not inconsiderable financial investment for training, usually abroad. Moreover, already today many people wishing to hire the crane lifting capacity of 500 tons or more and the boom of 150 meters and longer. Looking at the European country and a close and good neighbor Russia … it’s safe to say that the crane rental and heavy demand for its services in the future on the Ukrainian market will only grow. Our company is ready to you Kyiv offer services of various crane capacity: 6 tons, 12 tons, 25 tons, 40 tons, 55 tons, 70 tons, 90 tons, 120 tons, 140 tons and 200 tons.

We have years of experience and professional trained staff worker. We are working on market is not the first year and established themselves as a professional company in the sector of services of hoisting equipment. In most cases, if the client turned to us once … it becomes our regular customers. Given the large number of heavy-duty cranes are not in the Ukrainian market, we will gladly ready to go to object, is geographically in another region of Ukraine.