The Technique

I’ve done the decorations of lines and dots that are embossed with silver in version syringe paste. The star has been recorded with the help of a sharp tool. Textured metal clay is very flexible while you Keep moist. That feature allows variety of textures, just press the paste of silver with an object having relief. In the market you can find plates with different plots quite helpful. You can also create your own reliefs with linoleum, a material similar to that used for engraving, but more flexible. With paper or cardboard you can achieve very interesting results in a simple way also. The jewel that you see in the photo has been smoothing two pieces of silver paste.

In one of them I have applied a texture and I have given circular shape with a cortamasas. The other used another cortamasas with a flower. These earrings have been made with linoleum. I have created such irregular texture of crossed lines. The technique of linoleum allows more accurately some drawings complex, more difficult to do otherwise, and to make several similar pieces. This horoscope pendant has a masculine touch. The horoscope drawing you’re sunk.

That effect has managed to cut a silhouette shaped like the horoscope PISCES in paper. On the flattened clay I have placed the silhouette of PISCES trimmed paper. Returning to smooth silver paste, is printed the silhouette in the jewel. To decorate I’ve done a few notches with a ball around the horoscope termination tool. Pasta drying clay silver slow the texture of the pasta from drying silver slow equals that of normal drying, as its name suggests the difference is that it takes longer to dry out when exposed to air. It is therefore ideal for performing complex pieces of pasta of silver that need more time modeling.