Merchandising Technical Clothing Store

In trade, it is not convenient that the buyer is far from the seller; that’s why the counter must have fair measures for its 2 function. Like or that is not is not purchased, the maximum number of samples of products, should be trying to do in a stylish way and without creating an atmosphere of overload to not confuse nor fret 3 customers. All products that are exposed in your project clothing store should be marked in a clear and easy to read, allowing the products to be sold alone or when the seller meets them they already have a clear idea of the models they need to reduce the time of purchase prices and features. 4. At the time of mark price must be considered factor psychological price as we expose the price to the product to. Is not the same to mark a product with $ 20,000 pesos to $ 19.750 pesos b. You don’t want to inflate the price of products to lower them, then customers they compare and this may cause your store to lose reputation c.

It is not advisable to put the prices of products without VAT d. When it comes to products with high price using the technique of sandwich, which consists of first explaining a product advantage, then the price of the product and we still another advantage of the product 5. There is one golden rule of trade, which is many shops is marginalized by lack of marketing culture, refers to all products that can be touched will sell more and better. 6. Another rule of thumb is to speak customer your language 7.

8 Lighting is another factor that influences the sale. An activity that helps us to increase the sales of the clothing store to zero pesos i.e. providers that you can prepare in the local events to promote the product these may be: neon signs and dramatic lighting, displays, bags silkscreened, exhibitors, a video with parades his product. 9. Other elements to take into account are the good ventilation, hygiene and odor according to each section. Fresh and pleasant I invite you to apply all these Council in your clothing store, in addition, if you want more details of how to decorate your shop taking into account most commercial colors for decoration of the escape you and inside the tent as doing a schema before decorating and much more you can find it visit the course of clothing store project or original author and source of the article.