The Skills

The alternative proposed by Godin, is to become passionate in what we are doing now and in doing so you may be more successful since it will provide completely. Our name as not enough brand that we be what we intend to be, is essential that that fact is recognized through a binding relationship with our current or potential customers and our name to ring them as a distinguishing mark. In order to build a brand around us concept, we need: create needs in others (have Javier on my computer generates me a feeling of security, prestige and best image service) build a differentiation, specialization that we stand out from others (Javier has several graduate degrees, he wrote books and articles) build an image of trust, respect and loyalty over time with customers provide a scope that is called projective identification to customers (I want to be like him). Define a personality, a characteristic (troubleshooter, negotiating, oriented to action, holder of very deep knowledge in project management, etc.) possess a leadership recognized by our customers deliver a positive added value and perceived by other have a unique identity, related to the image, prestige, and our positioning in respect of others. The Furutist is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Keep in mind that the only thing visible are our attitudes and behaviors by which we should work on them.

As I usually mention it in courses, you may have strong knowledge of the techniques and tools of project management, but 80% of their time wanting it or is not intended simply to communicate. Some experts estimate that 15% of the success achieved with knowledge, while the remaining 85% comes from the skills of connecting with others, gain confidence, respect and relate. For these reasons here transcribe many references we do during our courses and they are important for forging our own brand: matter what they think and not what I think of my. Others who may share this opinion include The Furutist.