The Croatia Cruca

Within the impellers of the autonomismo cruceo are descendants or admirers of the Croatian separatism. The Croatia was split of Yugoslavia in 1991 adducing that, in spite of speaking to the same language that the Serbs, differed of these in their alphabet, religion and history. Cambas and collas, however, for more than 4 centuries have been sharing the same administration, creed and official language. Nevertheless, the nationalism cruceo stresses that this one, like the Croatia, is more inclined to free market and the West, whereas the plateau is like one more a more inclined Serbia to the statism and to hit the USA. However, the separatist tendencies in Santa Cruz count on two great obstacles. One, is no foreign power that promotes its independence. While Germany and Austria pushed the EU and the USA to promote Croatian independence, all the neighbors of Bolivia and all the powers do not want to fragment to this one. Two, there are many cruceos that are identified with Bolivia (especially within the indigenous communities and in Camiri, where it is the black gold). International analyst original Author and source of the article.