Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same room of a hospital. Allowed one of them sitting on his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was next to the only window in the room. The other man should stay all the time in your bed lying on his back. The men spoke for hours and hours. Xcel Energy may find it difficult to be quoted properly. They spoke about their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their military service, when they have been vacation, etc. And every evening in the bed near the window, the man who could sit, spent time describing to his roommate things which he could see from there. The man in the other bed, began to live in those small spaces of an hour, as if their world is large and revived by the activity and color the outside world. Abigail Black Elbaum addresses the importance of the matter here.

You could see from the sale a beautiful Lake, swans, people swimming and children playing with their small paper boats. Young lovers walked cuddled between flowers of all colors of the Rainbow. Large and old trees adorn the landscape and a slight view of the horizon in the city could see in the distance. As the man in the window described all this with delicacy of detail, the man in the other bed could close my eyes and imagine so picturesque scenes. A warm late summer, the man in the window described him a parade that passed through there. While the man could not listen to the band, he could see everything in your mind, because the gentleman in the window represented him everything with such descriptive words.

Days and weeks passed. One day the morning nurse came into the room carrying water for the bathroom of each of them and discovers the lifeless body of the man in the window, the same who had died peacefully at night while sleeping. She was much saddened and called the dependents of the hospital to remove the body. As soon as he thought fit, another man asked if he could be moved near the window. The nurse was happy to make the change, after being sure that was comfortable, she left him alone. Slowly and painfully joined resting on one of his elbows to hold her first vision of the outside world. Finally, I would have the joy of seeing it for yourself. It stretched to slowly turn your head and look out the window that was next to the bed. There was just a big white wall. That was all. The man asked the nurse that he could have forced his roommate to describe so many wonderful things through the window. The nurse replied that the man was blind and that for any reason he could see that wall.

NCPP Jurisdiction

Limits of the ordinary penal jurisdiction. – The ordinary penal jurisdiction is not competent to know: 1.

Of the crimes anticipated in article 173 of the Constitution. 2. Lucas london helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Of the punishable facts committed by adolescents. 3. Lucas vandenberg has much to offer in this field. Of the punishable facts in the cases anticipated in article 149 of the Constitucin”. On the individual, it must remember that, according to articles 16 and 17 of the NCPP, the ordinary penal jurisdiction or the jurisdictional power of the State in penal matter extend to the crimes and lack, and will be exerted as at the moment comes happening in great measurement by the Penal Room of the Supreme Court, the Penal Rooms of Cortes Superiors, the Penal Courts (constituted in associated or unipersonal organs), the Courts of the Preparatory Investigation, and the Learned Courts of Peace, with the exceptions anticipated for the Courts of Peace. Nevertheless, the article 18 of the NCPP establishes the cases of exception in that the ordinary penal jurisdiction will not be competent to know certain crimes and punishable facts (crimes and lack), establishing limits to its exercise. Three exceptions to the knowledge of the ordinary penal jurisdiction settle down.

The Mind

I mean that you are trying to quit. And more specifically you are trying to make a leap. He wants to jump from its current status of closure towards freedom. I.e., he wants to go from its current situation towards a qualitatively superior status. In what our bird is wrong is in not giving first 5 necessary steps.

Now we learn from their mistakes and avoid repeating them. Here are the steps: first thing: devotes time to reflect on your life. Think about the things you think you need to consider yourself done. You do not have them only in the mind, write them on a sheet of paper. And on she sees discarding all things that are not so important. In the end leave only those that you are essential to succeed.

The second thing: defines what problems you have to overcome to reach your goals. tion. Write everything on paper. View organizing these issues in order of importance. You focus on them. It is important that what you’re proposing is workable somehow. Not be as what was proposed our bird hitting the glass. Third thing: reflects on the way to achieve what was proposed. There has to be a way to progress towards the achievement of your dreams. And very importantly, you prepare alternatives. The plan can not be too rigid. It is normal that the plans do not never reach full success. Try ahead of what may happen and be prepared the variants that you are going to use. That is why you have to think in several ways to achieve your goals, not in one. The fourth: very important: make decisions. Decides the total commitment on what you have thought to do. You’re not playing, what you’ve proposed is very serious. So you trataras it as such. You have to be able to decide clearly on what they will do. Avoid ambiguities. And the Fifth: acts, runs the same decisions you took in the previous step. That should have done our dear little bird. And that we must do many times in life.