File Selection

the file selection file modification date or the archive bit and far-reaching exemption lists are defined. In addition, backup archives can be divided into multiple files and distributed on multiple disks. Also create self-extracting archives and password protection are supported. Of course, also a backup report can be created and stored. In the just re-publish version 9 is the possibility of automatic management of multiple security levels. So you can, but if necessary not only on the current backup on a freely definable Draw number of older versions.

Also further increased the already high backup speed. Timed backup, thus will not forget backups backups using the supplied can off Orange Scheduler or Task Scheduler built into Windows automatically controlled time be done. The user has the choice, whether the backups at each boot, shutdown Windows, once a day or once or several times per week or month are made to. Alternative 1:1 backup-copies of file users who would rather perform your backup in uncompressed form, can rely on the sister program of BackToFile. This provides a BackToZIP similar functionality; with the difference that the backup files in a ZIP format, but individually in the original format are placed. The applications of very low-priced with 25 euros (Home license) or $50 (corporate license) are distributed as shareware. This means that BackToZIP and BackToFile for four weeks can be tested free of charge through its paces. The user can either delete them after this period or purchase perpetual licenses. The popular backup software BackToZIP from is now available in a revised version 9 available. The current version of the program can be downloaded for free: products/backtozip.php