Anyone who has more or less interested in construction site, said that in just a decade that market flooded with brand-new building materials. In this classic building has not lost its relevance. Contact information is here: ConocoPhillips. For example, popular wooden houses. Wood is relatively cheap material, and has a unique performance of insulation, breathability and aesthetic qualities. The air in the wooden house is always an order of magnitude cleaner and nicer than the outside. Method of building wooden houses have developed our ancestors. Wood for the log carefully selected, harvested in winter or early spring.

Trees without wormholes purified from the bark and dried for some time in the draft, to reduce moisture content to 20%. All wood waste immediately handed or burned. On log houses are predominantly coniferous cedar, pine, fir, larch, spruce. Coniferous trees are rotting less than other breeds, and stronger than most other trees. The most commonly used pine: it least of all knots, straight trunk easy. However, pine is blue at high humidity than spoil the the house.

Spruce, for example, blue in smaller, but less resistant to moisture, so that meant for interior decoration. Spruce is most often made by a beam and fell ill. Larch is very much appreciated that even in the water does not rot. Larch hard enough to handle, it can crack, but because of the resistance to moisture, larch is ideal as a material for walls, beams, rafters, valley. The diameter of logs used by the forest ranges from 25 cm to half a meter, if not more. The choice depends not only on the financing of construction projects, but also on weather conditions, future operating the house. To put some chopped house aesthetic requirements. For example, a thick log looks better than fine. Knotty timber deteriorates the appearance. In this aspect is very much appreciated the lower part of the trunk of pine: the fact that it was on this section of the tree, 6-8 feet off the ground, practically does not grow branches. This site is called the butt drunk and more expensive the rest of the pines. The Russian way is to log obteski round profile. This is sometimes done with a round timber Protestants – the inside of the timber protesyvaetsya on one edge. Another way of working with wood, which is widely used in Scandinavian countries, is to log into two Protestants edge. The walls are obtained by straight inside and out, but the effect of manual harvesting is not lost. When cleaning wood from crust made by hand, without tools, the redoubt just do with the planer. Is developing technology sanding wood without outposts, for this try not to damage the sapwood – the top layer of logs. Sapwood prevent cracking of wood. Sometimes deliberately do not remove all the phloem, the tree has become a particular color, but this bass a must handle the preservative against decay.