1. What is extruded aluminum? Extruded aluminum – is a complex process in terms of technology, which includes a set of operations and equipment used. The process involves the extrusion of aluminum closed cavity through a hole in the matrix corresponding to the pressed section profile. 2. What is a matrix (die, press tooling)? Tool for pressing (extrusion) of the metal, also called a "matrix kit" intended for use in the manufacture of aluminum profiles. The tool is not an independent instrument of production, and is considered only as a detachable part of press equipment, which varies depending on the desired geometry of the profile. The matrix itself is a steel disc with holes the size and shape designed to displace the profile of the desired shape.

3. How much is the matrix? The cost matrix depend on the type of aluminum: category A – standard profiles (gauge) Category B – moderately complex profiles and standard profiles with a wall thickness of less than 1.5 mm in the category C – profiles of high complexity, medium complexity profiles with a wall thickness of less than 1.0 mm in addition to that, the price depends on the matrix: an open or closed profile, the profile of output from the matrix. Price estimated at $ 650 to $ 3,500 4. Can use of a matrix with other presses? Rigging is applicable only for a particular company, press, profile, and can not be used for other production. This feature is due to process technology extruding metal (extrusion). 5.

What is the term of the matrix? Durability and reliability of its equipment in compliance with the rules depend on the operation of tools and technologies, as well as the level of training of workers. Resource of our press-tool 20-40t. 6. What is an aluminum alloy using? Aluminum alloy AD 31T. Most common in the world construction practices were aluminum alloys with magnesium (which increases the strength of the alloy) and silicon (which increases casting properties of aluminum) – in particular, the alloy AIMgSi0, 5 (avil). In our building codes that correspond to the fusion of brand and AD31T AD31T1. They are used to create a system of aluminum profiles for windows, doors and facade designs. 7. What is the maximum amount of aluminum? The maximum diameter of the profile described by 102mm. 8. What is the minimum wall thickness aluminum? Minimum wall thickness of -0.8 mm. 9. What is a chamber of aging? Camera artificial aging – oven, which is placed in containers with aluminum frame. Mode of operation: 160-180 for 6-12h. Maximum mechanical properties of aluminum are provided by artificial aging. Source: