Steel Ropes

Stalnye ropes – the main load-carrying elements of the majority of lifting, transportation, road construction, earthmoving machines – are one of the most common types of hardware and find wide application in various sectors of the economy: coal, mining, refining, transport and agricultural machinery, construction industry, maritime and river transport, etc. Wire ropes are difficult and responsible kind of wire products. They have a large number of styles and designs and a variety of shapes of cross section, both the cable and its components, as well as Physical and mechanical properties of wires and cores. Steel ropes are trucks, gruzolyudskie and rebar (or strands). Ropes used in industry as lifting and towing: crane (Cranes, steel valves), tackles for excavators, marine lifting equipment for mooring, towing operations, drilling rigs.

production and deep exploration drilling, a device for stretch marks. Gruzolyudskie kanatyprimenyayutsya for elevators and mine hoists. Ropes reinforcement (locks) are used for reinforcement of prestressed reinforced concrete constructions 2.Klassifikatsiya ropes. Ropes are classified as follows features: cross-sectional shape 1.Po cable: round. 2.Po form of cross-sectional components of the rope elements kruglopryadnye, trehgrannopryadnye, sealed construction. 3.Po mechanical properties of the wire: rope in common Destination: – brand VC – High Quality – Brand B – premium – grade 1 – normal quality of the remaining ropes: – In the brand – high quality – mark 1 – normal quality. 4.Po strength characteristics with Zack groups tensile: 1370 (140), 1470 (150), 1570 (160), 1670 (170), 1770 (180), 1860 (190), 1960 (200), 2060 (210), 2160 (220) .