Bathsheba Ordonez

However the popular version has the same mother of the Ws, tired of their drunkenness and with them endure hangover the input and output of women by their house and the noise of the instruments in the House, went with a witch which I explain what happened to them; The witch said that the letter W was the meaning of power together two V resulted in a La S VV comes from its apeido of pile, which translated it as a brotherhood beyond its same Brotherhood of blood; He said that each 25 within the months of March, April and, should make a prayer in the midst of his house, the full moon of every year 3rd perish the impetus and courage of the brotherhood. on March 28, 1983 perished Joss Ws (23 years) 17 March 1984 perished George Ws (24 years) on March 26, 1986 perished Bett Ws perished Charly Ws (24 years) on March 3, 1988 (22 years). Dates in which they were full moon. Anything casual. Others few feature that they just hartaron continue with your life, that found a good job and who simply followed his life. Some claim to have talked with them 2 hours after the issuance his death.

The same thing says Marcos Ramirez, neighbor of them on the street Mexican thinker. I talk with George (Ws) two hours after that he has supposedly died, it made me weird, because I saw him without makeup and normal told me that he was thinking about quitting music, he received a call at home and retired, I didn’t see ever glory Bathsheba Ordonez, I affirm in 1990 before he died, that she saw Joss (Ws) and George (Ws) in a mechanical workshop arranging a Mustang pistachio green. He saw them for a second and could hardly believe his eyes; It is the kind of impression that you feel, when you recognize someone. Commented you to the mother of the Ws Dona Lupe as everyone knew it. Gloria died 4 days after confessing this to Dona lupe, on March 11, 1990, also full moon. No one knows what you have to the Ws of head. The Decade of the 80? s was marked in the neighborhood of thinker Mexican rock scene for the death of the Ws. swept everything.

The Zteeleers, the Backyards, the snakes and eyes diamond, were without Ws, and without their leaders ex officio. Curse? Boredom? Maturity? Juzguelo ud himself, what is true is, not to mention the WS in casa Dona lupe, will not be a full moon to take them is. Facts: the Ws, before his death always saw something green, Joss Ws, wrote in his diary: I wake up and it’s there, awake and still is there, I seen and remains there, the Green, my confusion. The last days of the Ws, marked by green color as notice that were next to leave this world, I don’t think so, don’t think even that are dead. angel Ws, the fifth Ws, says having gone to a mechanical workshop with his father, having talked with his uncles, and see that they handed over a big book to which baptism as the Bible Ws. The day that the he decided to be a Ws, his father gave him the book. Dead or alive? they only know. Legends Mexico legends of the Mexican Republic