Would it surprise you to know that when the Gallup organization work investigated the factors the most common was "I know what is expected of me at work" topped the list? And companies that had the greatest number of this factor were more productive, helpful and creative. The ability to set clear expectations is an essential skill that every leader must master. And yet I'm sure not often think we communicate our expectations to others, especially those with whom we work. Why communicate our expectations is as important if everyone has job descriptions – certainly know what that is supposed to do at work Well it turns out that "knowledge is expected of us" is more than just the statement of responsibility standard work. You know how you fits and works with those around you and how expectations change when circumstances change. It is a larger picture of our work is what helps teams to achieve complex projects, adapt to changing situations and is the foundation for true teamwork. The best teams make sure to communicate to each other what they need as pieces of the project that are passed between team members – in explicit terms related to timing gear, quality and content. And when problems occur they will quite naturally try and focus on the process and not the person. The best teams strengths and learning styles of each person on the team that helps them to adapt when the inevitable challenges occur. Whether in good times and bad they know what they can expect from each individual's computer.