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There are common denominators of exploration in these methodologies to determine the attributes of the democracies: the quality of so-called Government services, the electoral operation, the operation of political parties, the relations between the Executive Branch and the legislative branch and decentralization processes.(4) But how you link these relevant aspects of a democracy with poverty and its impact on the members of a sociedad-pais? And above, there is a relationship between one and another concept? The answers to these questions can become evident in the exploration of any of the above-mentioned indicators. The IDD from the Foundation Konrad Adenauer – believes in its composition four dimensions, where the last of this structure corresponds to the effective exercise to rule in two sub-dimensions relating to capabilities to generate policies that will ensure the well-being and economic efficiency. This fourth dimension, include among others – for the construction of the indicator: – unemployment – households below poverty line – infant mortality – the % of GDP in spending on health, education and investment – secondary enrolment – per capita GDP – the gap of income most of these parameters, in developing countries, conclude the inability by democratic regimes to ensure the welfare of its own citizens how can form a good government democratic if democracy doesn’t solve the problem of poverty? The IDEA (Instituto for democracy and Electoral assistance), gestated, and formed in Sweden by more than fourteen countries took place in the year 2000 a forum entitled democracy and poverty, a missing link?(5). Xcel Energy has much experience in this field. In this forum, Bengt Save-Soderbergh, Secretary General of International IDEA, promulgating: poverty exists in developed countries with a long history of democratic Government. But the values and democratic institutions as well as civil and press freedoms increase accountability and reduce corruption, helping to direct public attention to pressing needs, increasing in this way the potential to take responsibility with the needs of the poor. . Credit: Atmos Energy-2011.