Official Tour

Year 2009, Sevilla. Holy Week is expected to some degree by the influx of tourists brings to the city, they create enough jobs, on the other hand, the brothers are eager to leave their guild to the streets, which are preparing for a whole year. If you would like to know more then you should visit Eliot Horowitz. 1595, Sevilla. There are quite a stir in town, the Inquisition prepares an order of faith, one more, it attracts people from surrounding villages, the brotherhoods of the different trades have already designated representatives that will go along with the bishops and inquisitors to make the way to the Prado de San Sebastian. Year 2009, Sevilla. The City Council and each year provides a way different brotherhoods free of vehicles and obstacles to the official race, cut the center of the city, including the route from Campana, Sierpes street, Street Placentines, Plaza del Pan, San Francisco Square Constitution Avenue to the Cathedral, (this is the official route to be of mandatory all brotherhoods) the extension of Constitution Avenue ends at the Prado de San Sebastian. Seville itself is a mess to drive and park all year round except July and August.

1595, Sevilla. The city authorities have provided the Holy Office deputies so that they can lead to the plaza of San Francisco (behind the town hall) the auto de fe chaired by the Cardinal of Seville and directed by the inquisitor appointed by the Church of Rome and sponsored and protected by the monarchy who ran the time. He condemned the unfortunate who had fallen into the hands of the Inquisition, after a procession along with other prisoners was heading the delegation to the Prado de San Sebastian where they were not burned at the stake were forced to witness this macabre feast and purify your soul while burning even saw it as his or her spouse and / or their own children. Year 2009, Sevilla. The authorities have adorned all official travel with garlands, flowers and banners for the passage of the brotherhoods, the brothers are happy, finally arrives the expected date. Over the various brotherhoods is heard asking someone what happened is that?.

In the end no matter, it is a brotherhood again, and cries of excitement. 1595, Sevilla. The authorities have been decorated with banners across the plaza of San Francisco, have placed chairs for officials coming from outside and the city, while the defendants someone asks you who you are, so what?, Protestant, Jewish or Muslim. At the end people will forget about them, a least we should cheer. Today it has changed a lot, I wanted to make a parallel today no longer has the devotion that the brotherhoods had 30 years ago, I’m from Seville, I was Catholic, I enjoyed the Easter, for about 30 years I am what is called the protestant (evangelical Christian), today I do not want to forget the Jews, Protestants, Gypsies, Muslims and even Catholics who were killed by the inquisition by the mere failure to embrace a faith in which he did not believe, or envy or in the case of Jews, because it was the easiest way to enrich a few empty coffers for the vanity of his priests, bishops and cardinals. someone killed a Jewish family and then expelled the other, but not before making them donate to the church all their possessions and wealth.