It is the only way of communication to woman – man is very strange that a woman approaches and tell you I like you much or Me vuelves loca, simply does not happen, even if you agrades a woman she not going to say with words especially if it’s the first approach (with a few exceptions, for example a woman last drinks) then women turn to other ways to let you know a man who attracts you. Here is where there is a first barrier for some men, they expect women to be explicit in their intentions, that is going to say those words from one moment to another, and indeed if it is transmitted, but it does not with words, using their body language. The saddest case is that if you as a man can not interpret the body language of a woman, she can be melted by you and you not even you realize aware. Because women don’t use the words when it comes to the first approach? Women use body language for two very compelling reasons:-for fear that qualify it as easy women or any women live their social relations and much like save a very good image. If a woman is stands a man who just know and tells Me vuelves loca or I like much, she runs the risk of that qualify it as a woman of cheerful life, an easy woman, either (the name that you want put), and that would be a disaster for her social circle. -The fear of rejection women fear so much rejection as average men, if she suggests a man with words and it rejects it, she would be in a very uncomfortable situation. Why they prefer to give signals to the man who they like to be the one who take the first step and get closer to her. If she sends you signals (smoke, flares, Fireworks, all the pyrotechnics) and you do not you know it to interpret, she thought that you don’t you interested in her, so she goes out free interaction without shame or glory, but your quedaste without even learn that both women looked and smiled at you from another table She was interested in you, do longer time because body language is important?.