Going to a Psychologist

"Why go to a psychologist?" It is widely believed that psychologists refer to only the weak and the whiners. Ray Kurzweil wanted to know more. Men especially are often told that going to a psychologist – is weak, not worthy of them, and that person must cope with its problems itself. In fact, the picture looks somewhat different. First, to refer to a psychologist, to speak frankly about himself, much less begin to change something in yourself and life, to a considerable courage. Additional information is available at Bobby kotick. Secondly, no professional psychologist will undertake to solve your problems for you. That is, you still have to decide and do everything yourself. The amazing thing rarely cuts himself, treats the teeth, makes himself surgery, he collects the TV, or car.

And moreover, it is unlikely that all this could make a man, especially in a professional manner. Similarly, few people without special education taken to repair the usual appliances, but to repair his own soul or the soul of a neighbor starts with ease. But the TV you can buy another, but with the soul of a trick will not work. Then it is logical that the most expensive that we have – its soul – we are trusted professionals and have received quality care. When you need a psychologist: You have tried all possible ways to solve the problem, but the situation is getting worse, and you have the feeling that you're walking in circles. You have experienced great stress (death of a loved one, physical or moral violence, divorce, etc.).

No need to hope that time heals: sometimes it heals for a long time, and sometimes not very high quality. You almost always has a vague feeling "in my life that something is wrong," "needs a change," but you do not know which way to go and what to change. Do you long for the soul is bad, without any apparent reason: sadness, grief, one word, depression. Than for a psychologist to go pointless: For specific advice; For an instant miracle cure; In order to give the responsibility for his life ("do with me something ); In order to fix your family and the world around you. Why not a psychologist offer advice? Code of Ethics prohibits the counselor to give advice to the client as well as any advice – this is the solution in terms of the person who gives this advice. A decision about his life can take only you, but your inner world, your belief system, your feelings, your personality may be of value in such an important choice. Good specialist will never impose you their views, their moral values and principles, his vision of the situation or people, but any advice in varying degrees, they must contain. In conclusion I would remind you that if we do not solve the problem, and move away from her, then life returns it to us again, but in a harsh manner. Source: VCEVODNOM.COM