Digital zoom

Spy Shots: 2012 Porsche Boxster and is running the NA rburgring ‘Think porsche Designers are busy preparing special edition mobile phones and minutes for the sport is concerned with the roadster that put the brand back on the map and on the road towards the purchase of the Volkswagen empire ‘Think again. The automaker, based in Stuttgart just take the veil off its new 2009 Boxster again in November and are already working on next-generation model. Comparison: the digital zoom was used in the image of the center, while the optical zoom was used in the image below.
The digital zoom is a method to decrease the apparent angle of view of a photographic image or video. This type of zoom is achieved electronically to crop an image with the same radius as the original appearance, and usually by interpolating the result. It is not necessary to make adjustments in the camera lens, and no optical resolution is gained with this process.
Because the interpolation affects the original layout of the pixels in the image, the digital zoom is often considered detrimental to image quality. Nevertheless, the results of this zoom is sometimes better to manually crop the image and interpolate in the process of post-production. This is because the camera can apply interpolation before compressing the image, thus preserving the small details that otherwise might be lost. For those who keep the camera files in RAW format, however, downsizing in the post-production gives results equal or superior to digital zoom.
Some digital cameras and most mobile phones have only digital zoom, no real approach eye. Other cameras have zoom lenses built, but when applying the maximum digital zoom focal length has been reached. Professional cameras, generally do not have digital zoom.