Following the 2001 and 2003 in the numbering system, a series of misunderstandings that led to many people have a misconception about the structure of the numbering. After the inclusion of the 2 or 9, people have often associated with such digit area code: (042) 382808 or (022) 895741 or (099) 422000. This partnership stems from misguided facility to store the old 6-digit and finally add the extra digit. Appeared in October 2001 and whose cell phone numbers 7 digits recently premiered a month ago, did not begin with 9, but with 7, 8, 4, and it was at&T phones populating the area code 09. One of these new numbers appear in the beginning were similar to the following: 09 7004967 or 09 8057368 Porta BellSouth, and the custom of giving the 6 digits in the past months ago, he had to highlight and emphasize that no about a 099 like the others, but a 097 or 098, he saw then erroneously recorded the previous issue, as follows:
(097) 004967 instead of (09) 7004967
098 852444 instead of 09 8852444
And so with the phones, telephones appeared in Quito when North started with 3, for example: 02 3100244. This creates still more confusion, being spoiled to give only the last 6 digits, and when they were given full number of 7, before the habit of seeing all started with 2, believed cell phones to be a mistake, or to put it another 2 front, resulting in an 8 digit number obviously wrong. Furthermore, there were people who thought he faced a number of other city.
However Andinatel is conducting a campaign cell phone in the national media until hire cots in the main television stations, while Pacifictel simply by sending a notice in the bill prior to the change and put posters in the offices of attention to customer, to remind the public that the numbers are 7 digits of Ecuador and that not all start with 2.
Both companies made a speech explaining the change after each call to begin with the front 2. But after a year was removed, since it would use in the new series. Some varied by location, and reminding users of the following: “Remember that the two are already among us. To call Guayas and Pichincha press 2 and 6-digit number if calling from another province, enter the code Area 2 and the 6 digit number. “
The number 2 in front of each issue remains, to date, seen as a prefix to dial, as when you dial 9 to make a call on a foreign exchange. there are many cell phone users with who have the best cell phone deals out there Although AT&T users slowly realize that this is not a prefix. when shopping for there are many competing stores, so be careful and compare all prices and deals with Currently in Guayaquil associate numbered beginning with 2 to Pacifictel, Linkotel to 3, 5 and 6 to Telmex Setel, although this is a generalization, not a rule as there are numbers with area code Pacifictel 4 and started by 3 In the case of their wireless lines launched in 2007.
One notorious case was via a Samborond n, where in addition to the series (04) 283xxxx were opened (04) 209xxxx. In the custom to take numbers that begin with cell phone deals 2, similarly tended to ignore when dialing, or omitted when making them known verbally or on paper. A number could then be: (04) 2097290 to which people calling from Guayaquil, is not needed before 04, and when done by 2, there were 097,290 mentally with it something like a cell phone and generating doubts and confusion. Same thing with the series of shopping malls Mall of San Marino and South with the series (04) and 2083xxx or 2085xxx respectively Posorja (04) 2066xxx that mysteriously change your numbers from the 2764 series to the new 2066.
But with timeit lost the bad habits with the arrival of new series telefonicas: Setel works with both the series 6xxxxxx area codes 2 and 4. In Guayas, besides Setel, Linkotel with Telmex and 3xxxxxx with 5xxxxxx. In Santo Domingo de Los Colorados Andinatel has numbers to the series 4xxxxxx, but you can still find ads formal associate numros as follows: (046) 000550 AT&T cell phones to be correct (04) 6000550.
The failure to check uniformity from cell phones or fixed phones, and the methodology of the operator that carries up to 2001 to use to make outgoing calls to be made without fixed telephone area code while the code Bellsouth pedia. Porta even acclaimed in advertising as an advantage over the competition: to dial numbers without putting the area code, while other cell if necessary. If a trip to another area with another area code than the number that was originally stored in your phone would be unusable because it was marking the call will cell phone plans cover a number of the province where this is at the moment, no in residence.
This causes the numbers are handled without the area code while the mobile always.

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