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Bay is claimed by the Dutch. In 1878, the annexation of the colony of the Cape of Good Hope Dutch by the British, the port becomes a part of its territory.
This major port had been discovered in 1487 by Bartolomeu Dias, but the region was claimed by the Portuguese crown, probably because they are abandoned in the middle of the Namib Desert.
In 1840 came the Germans, who took possession of the territory and settled with the name of German Southwest Africa, the name recently given in 1884, losing this possession after his defeat in the First World War. The League of Nations to lay the temporary administration in South Africa as a mandate, which occupied Namibia as a de facto province. Years later the United Nations Organization (UNO) and the International Court of Justice on numerous occasions declared illegal South African occupation.
During the South African occupation, imposed the system of racial segregation (apartheid) and carried out forced movements of people. Huge farms were allocated to farmers of European descent, while the native Africans were relegated to the poorest areas. In response, there have been several forces opposed to the apartheid regime, the most important SWAPO would become in the end the official representative of the people of Namibia to the UN during the occupation of South Africa. Namibia South Africa used to attack other countries, particularly Angola, in order to prevent communism from spreading to the south of the continent.
After many years of war and under international pressure, South Africa agreed to leave the country and oversee the transition to independence, which in 1989 elected its first president in the person of Sam Nujoma, leader of SWAPO. Sam Nujoma was reelected in 1994 and 1999, also reached in both elections the parliamentary majority. In 2004, Hifikepunye Pohamba (SWAPO candidate) was elected president, making 55 of 72 seats in Congress.
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