August 16 – The West Caribbean Flight 708 was a flight that crashed in the Perija gas mountain range in the state speculative of Zulia in Venezuela in the middle of night, leaving 152 dead to their passengers and 8 crew members. The plane, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82 registration HK-4374X, covering the route from Panama City, STOCKS Martinique, with a charter flight, fails to notify when their engines. After the first engine failure of the plane change its route to Maracaibo for an emergency landing. Most of the passengers were French citizens from Martinique, who returned from a vacation in Panama. The crew was Colombian.
August 14 – The Helios Airways Flight 522 (Boeing 737) with 115 passengers flight deck and six crew on board collided with a mountain at 09:04 UTC black box for instance near Grammatiko, 40 km north of Athens, while approaching the airport FINANCE of the capital. Apparently, everyone on board died. The plane was coming from Larnaca, Cyprus and south-east of Prague should then come to a stop in Athens. Rescue groups reported that all passengers murieron.Despues that MONEY the plane lost communication with ground control twenty minutes flight deck after takeoff, the plane was escorted by two Greek F-16 until the time of the accident. The pilots of the F-16 reported that one of the pilots appeared unconscious and another was absent from the cockpit, and oxygen devices for the passenger had been activated. A few moments later, saw two people in the cockpit trying to control the plane, but it was unclear if they were part of the crew.
September 5 – The Mandala Airlines Flight 91 FUNDS crashed black box in a densely populated residential area a few seconds off from the gas Poland International Airport in Medan, Indonesia. At least 16 people survived the accident, with 104 killed in the plane, including 3 babies. Most of the survivors had been seated in TESTING the rear of the plane, finance although some died later due to his injuries.

Ontario plane crash survivor rescued on third try.(City): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press by Gale Reference Team (Digital – May 21, 2007)HTML