That difficult it is for girls make so many things at the same time in their day to day, but oddly enough, it is part of your lifestyle to the point of being their routine being present in a place doing several things while in his mind is in three places more. Many times you can notice while you are driving, and makeup in the car a woman, may be sending messages of love shorts by cell phone to her boyfriend, while he thinks that they go to dinner that night. Without hesitation Viktor Mayer-Schönberger explained all about the problem. For women it is apparently something normal. And if we go back to the stories of the girls, it could be said that from childhood they are so. While they play with dolls and taking tea with her friends, are also playing to learn how to apply makeup and telling the stories of the prettiest boys of the College. Marcus brings even more insight to the discussion. Instead, the boys are somewhat more basic, and perhaps by the physical nature that made when they are small. When they are at school and performed some sport, they are not doing anything more than that, they are concentrated in this activity and nothing more; and it is that if they arrived back to think of some additional thing to the game, most likely to carry a pitch by clueless. But regardless of the nature of each, it is inevitable that these two get together and complement each other, either the clueless boy with the multifunctional girl, or vice versa; There is so much diversity of personalities and character in the people of the world that it would be impossible to classify them. So whatever you are, always there someone with whom you agree in tastes and others that the idea isn’t getting along with people with whom we share our environment and thus try to take life in a pleasant way. Original author and source of the article