Old Coating

If necessary, thermoplastic coating can restore other lacquer paint, which need only dry. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Paint repair factory paint is often not suitable for repainting the car. For example, if the car body subjected to high temperatures to melt the thermoplastic paint, it can lead to soften and damage the finish of plastic parts, seats and electrical wiring. Please visit Marcus Lemonis if you seek more information. Therefore, for repainting produced special paint. They are the following types: lacquered paint, oil based paints and synthetic resins, low-melting enamels, two-component paint. These nitro lacquer paint dries very quickly, which is convenient for motorists, since it reduces the likelihood of contamination of painted surfaces during drying.

In order to ensure proper gloss lacquer coating is usually polished after painting. This type of paint is cheaper than most of the new "exotic" concentrate, causing less harm to health (Although some of them are as dangerous to health), as well as more durable. The main disadvantage is the possible incompatibility of the paint coating from the factory, although it is possible to apply an insulating layer between the two incompatible inks. Nitrolakovyh film paints a very thin, so to create the required thickness of paint layers are applied multilayer coating. Enamel (oil-based paints) Enamel paint (enamel PF-115) similar in composition to paint the old type, they are just as durable as paint and varnish, and probably the cheapest of the existing paint. The main advantage of enamels is that they do not interact with previously deposited layers of other types of paints. But these colors also have several drawbacks: 1. They long to dry, and drying time for painted surface may be contaminated, 2.

They have a long freeze (first dry enamel as normally, and then harden under the influence of oxygen), 3. Any type of paint, applied over the enamel, covered with cracks, especially if the enamel is applied recently, 4. Enamel is not polished (they have a bright shine.) Two-component paints These paints are composed of two chemical components and give a nice shine, if they spray out the paint guns.