What is a blog? In order not to forget the emotions that the memory could not erase the most important events. In the childhood many of us have kept diaries of lined school notebooks. Now, at the age of information technology, people keep diaries online. Form of online diaries qualitatively perform blogs. Probably everyone knows the word "blog". But so far, not many people understand its importance and what privilege allows the possession of its own Internet resource for this format.

Visiting the blog directory, you can see the look of modern blogs. To begin with, that the term "blog" appeared in the days of the initial formation of the Internet (1996-2001 gg.). One of the users, Jorn Barger, has created a resource, which published a list of the most interesting (in the author's standpoint) sites. Barger called the resource weblogs, which translated to English means "an online journal." The site bears little resemblance to the modern blog format, but the start has been made. After a while another user is the owner of this site, Peter Merholts, divided into 2 components of the term: we and blog, which means "we 're blog.

" And became known as a weblog just a blog. Now the blog people share their thoughts and opinions about a particular event. Resource of this format helps people find like-minded people. Personal Blogs offer a lot of people, both simple and well known. Here people can share with the inhabitants of the virtual space with something interesting, whether it's detailed knowledge of the dog-nuptial period boa or gaps in the global laws.