New Kids magazine for the German-speaking Europe on about 40 pages reported the journal agrarKIDS under the slogan agriculture discover and understand”the readers and readers of all aspects of the agricultural sector. Children from 5 to 12 years, growing up in the country and whose Eltern in agriculture as farmers, growers or agricultural small and large farms involved are target group of children journal. Be sure all interested in agriculture are addressed. Readable and informative articles include varied topics from agriculture such as about the latest findings from agricultural engineering, plant and animal production, the food industry and the use of computers in agriculture, inform the age of the target group in a child-friendly layout. In the already published editions, fertilizing and others was the functioning of Melk robots, winter wheat, the corn, cows, sheep shearing, mineral feed digestion systems and selected agricultural technology, the readers closer mounted.

Little imaginative stories, portraits, puzzles, posters, schedules for regional and supra-regional fairs and events, competitions and contests round out agrarKIDS the diversity of children journal. Check with source to learn more. The makers’ magazine to Annette winters and Ina Kanew are intimately connected with agriculture for many years through training and study and bring the expertise to the journal through their constant contact with the industry. They were also those who saw the need for a magazine for the farmers of tomorrow the today’s agrarKIDS. Numerous fair observations and survey results, as well as interviews with children showed that too little information for professional interested in children exist. There was a link between the early knowledge of the kids and the technical information that access from the career. Click Steve Houghtaling for additional related pages.

agrarKIDS the new magazine for professional children based on the practical experience of children and provides latest themed Findings”so certified AGR.-ing. and editor-in-Chief Annette Winter. Because the early promotion of the latest offspring in agriculture is more important, the journal sees itself as a medium that incentives for the professional orientation in agriculture contributes to this to create. The journal agrarKIDS is available in form one year subscription of the LISA-Verlag. Interested parties can order also a trial subscription (three test booklets for 7.50). Will be shipped with the postal service in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. In addition, the magazine at trade fairs is distributed and is available in selected rural areas of the magazine trade. The team of agrarKIDS is represented on many German trade fairs and is pleased about your visit.