Creative Organization

Although the ability to undertake is a difficult concept to define, economists recognized its significance from the analysis by J. Schumpeter, during the transition of the century. Individuals with vision, willing to risk their own money and that of other investors in new products, are the engine that combines human and physical capital, spurring economic growth and progress. Impact: We are witnessing the advent of society information that has the ability to understand and use the value-added, allowing new tools, which include computer, communications networks and telecommunications (information technology). Mitchel Resnick may not feel the same. The machine itself is not news.

The big news was that the machine (computer) step to provide in regard to work organization. The reactions to innovation are very old and the reactions were observed against the machines in the Industrial Revolution and gave birth to the word “sabotage” by the tricks performed to remove them. But preventing the development of technology is not the correct solution. Professor Emmanuel Ferreira, in his monograph on entrepreneurship suggests that organizations, especially those using more modern technologies should facilitate the access of the unemployed or employed on training in entrepreneurship through the creation of schools for entrepreneurs. These schools will form the basis of a system information and retraining over the whole working life of individuals. Advantages: Entrepreneurs who create technology-based firms, are better adapted to function in today’s economy based on knowledge and constant mutation.

– The strategy is to learn. The development of methods that favor organizational learning, business administration in the universe. Learning faster than rivals, is the only true competitive advantage. – Being an entrepreneur means taking initiative, fertile imagination to conceive ideas, flexibility for adaptability, creativity to transform them into a business opportunity, motivation to think conceptually and the ability to perceive change as an opportunity. – Change of status, employment or unemployed graduates employer. Venezuelan reality: In a society increasingly third world where almost all activities is essential to use the computer and the benefits it provides, by regulation in terms connecting with the large information networks is becoming increasingly obvious that there is available labor. Venezuela is increasingly being increased to a high number of entrepreneurs that are manifested by problems of its informal economy. A percentage (56%) of the mass worker is unemployed in the informal economy. Government assistance with the creation of The Peoples Bank and the Bank of Women seeking to turn to informal workers in small businesses, and to apply the phenomenon of entrepreneurship. These initiatives are beginning, of course there is a serious commitment from the state and these universities to collaborate in training and staff development, for this may be the way to figure where incubation can provide the knowledge, guides to succeed.