natural gas and electricity are supplied by To avoid the shortcomings of the electricity produced in the thermal, where the fuel is refined, the Cuban government has invested in the repair of these generators. One was the most modern and efficient country, Termoelectrica Cienfuegos, when being repaired to achieve a better performance. as well as the other occurs in Santiago de Cuba, which controlled Toxic emissions into the atmosphere. He has also made a significant investment in Brooklyn construction sites of diesel generators and fuel oil spread across the country. Almost completely eliminatingthe bitter power gas of the’90s.
The energy saving program known as the Cuban “Energy Revolution” sold on easy terms to the family of kitchen appliances such New York City as refrigerators, electric pressure cookers, electric cookers, and so on. to avoid the large consumption of natural electricity ESCO gas and other fuels like kerosene. As part of this program is also arranged electric poles and cables for high voltage distribution of electricity, new generators were installed and this made it much less common and the black family. citation needed . This program made Cuba the first country in the world to replace incandescent light bulbs by energy costs energy saving light bulbs, followed by countries such as Australia, Venezuela or Argentina.
There are very intricate in the country in which heating it was not possible to carry the electricity. However, it was emphasized that every school had to have a TV, video and computers. For electricity supply with which these devices are cooking gas resorted to photovoltaics. This way of obtaining energy lies in the storage of solar radiation and its conversion into electricity. This is carried out in solar panels, which have become very common especially in the area of Guantanamo.
Cuba has three large wind farms as an alternative production of energy. how was I supposed to know that I would be looking after the environment by using natural gas supplied by one of the leading ESCOs throughout New York State One of them is in the gas Isle of NY State Youth, now in extension with the wind farm household The Carraneros.
In central Cuba, Ciego de Avila, another New York fleet of smaller amplitude and is in expansion.
Currently the most recognized and consists of several parks, the Gibara, Holguin, has an enormous capacity. They were given the last adjustments , and began producing its first Megawats. In green energy addition to natural gas the first wind farm energy Gibara, Second Wind Farm began construction and promises results as the first project. 69