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March 3, 2010 Skype and Nokia jointly announced the release version of Skype for Symbian. This version will become Skype client for Nokia smartphones based on Symbian – the world's most popular smartphone platform. Buy nokia mobile phones with a new version of Skype you can have sex after years after the release of the Nokia phones will be installed on this version. To buy them you can, including through the Internet phone shop nokia Skype for Symbian will allow owners of Nokia smart phones around the world use Skype, wherever they may be using the connection over WiFi or mobile network (GPRS, EDGE, 3G). Skype now available for free download at Ovi Store – Shop for mobile applications and content Nokia. Skype for Symbian will run on any smartphone Nokia, uses the Symbian 1 – the latest version of the Symbian.

Skype will soon introduce a client version for mobile devices from other manufacturers based on Symbian, particularly Sony Ericsson. 'Symbian smartphones allows us to make available to more people than ever and provides the basis for our solutions and unique services such as Skype. Currently online shop Nokia Ovi Store There are nearly 1.5 million downloads a day. Skype client for Nokia smartphones will be in great popular among users of Symbian ', – said Joe Herlou (Jo Harlow), senior vice president of smart phones by Nokia. 'Skype – the king of the market of Internet communications, and in combination with a dominant platform in the world for Symbian, we obtain just an explosive combination, – said Larry Berkin (Larry Berkin), head of global alliances and the American branch of Symbian Foundation. – Thanks to the worldwide spread of Symbian, Skype is even closer to becoming ubiquitous operating platform of communication in real time, accessible to hundreds of millions of users of mobile devices based on Symbian '.

Russ Shaw (Russ Shaw), head of the mobile direction of Skype, said: "Thanks version of Skype for Nokia more than 200 million smartphone users worldwide ** can use their favorite features Skype, wherever they are. Thus the cost of nokia mobile phones will be located on the same level. Through Skype co-operation with operators and handset manufacturers, Skype is available to millions of users who want to be in touch with people who are important to them. Regardless of the distance separating them, call cost and availability of computer access. "