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According to legend, Kildall did not consider the proposal as IBM he needed a plane. But in reality the situation was this: Gary Kildall was flying to a meeting with another client, and his wife were charged negotiations with IBM. Not considering the IBM proposal beneficial to the company sent Dorothy home. "Big Blue" turned back to Gates. He and his partner Paul Allen (Paul Allen) immediately issued a MS-DOS, which was based on development Tim Patterson (Tim Paterson) QDOS (from the English Quick and Dirty Operating System, or "quick and dirty operating system"), itself made on the basis of CP / M. As a result, IBM began shipping to customers their first personal computer and MS DOS ($ 60), and a version of CP / M (over 240). Survived less expensive product. Prior to the creation of the largest developing DOS Microsoft had a different version of the programming language "BASIC".

And after the DOS … well, you know what happened after. But who knows, would be the Microsoft of the company, which we know without a contract with IBM? 5. Xerox is in And the other direction is another classic story. More than 10 years before the advent of computers under Windows and Macintosh, and even long before microcomputers MITS Altair, lived the Alto – the world's first computer with a windowed user interface. In this develop, Xerox was a mouse, the ability to connect to the network and "vizivig" (arranged on a "what you see is what you get") text editor dokumentov.No back in 1973 PC market has not yet Xerox was so totally did not know what to do with Alto.