Web Design

Website design (web design, web-design) is not just his artwork, creating a quality design should take into account several aspects of the binding. First impression The first impression is created not on what Specific information is available on the website. Not from the individual design elements, and the perception of the whole site, from its general form and general direction. If this perception will be positive, the visitor will learn menu view the information, if not, can leave immediately. In this case, the general perception is influenced not only the artistic aspects.

Influences and thematic graphics located on the site, the overall orientation of links and texts. If a visitor is looking for information (news, descriptions, etc.), and in opening the first page of the site sees a glowing flash on the floor screen and a few signs, he most likely just go away. The overall look of your site should clearly correspond to the mission site. People of different ages and different social groups perceive your site differently. And even the same visitor, but focused on different tasks. Looking for a network, each user already has some idea of what kind of site he wants to see. And this representation, as is already clear, depends on the individual visitor, and from its current target aspirations.

Correspondingly, there was division of corporate sites on the Internet representation, online display, promo-sites, online shops, information portals. The design of each of them has its own specific features. And not only that, but more detailed thematic division. For example, a visitor chooses one online store, which is on the first page will present them to the desired product category and will be decorated accordingly. Therefore, the design of sites of one type, but representing different categories of products / services / information must be different. Unable to make a site even one specific type for all occasions. If your company has a wide profile, it is better to make several sites for each category of goods / services / information. For example, online stores to sell computers, watches, jewelry, lingerie should be quite different design. This also applies to information portals and all other categories of corporate sites. Well-focused orientation of all the design elements of a corporate site on the consumer, to the desired target audience to you – one of the key success factors. Yusabiliti Site The first impression of the site is very good, but the controls are awkward, inscriptions little informative, the menu has great depth and it can be confusing. The user can simply not reach the necessary information and leave the site. If the visitor has found what he needed but could not find contact numbers, feedback forms, etc., he again goes away and never return again. Memorability site user has received the required information and good mood, leaving the site. It is necessary that he remembered your site, remember the logo, site name, brand name companies. Returned to the site again for new information, not would have passed the sponsored links on your corporate website while at other sites, went to off-line stores for your company.