We are the “N”

Who is the one with the gun The past weekend we were able to give a good basketball bath in the presence of our National Team, Russia and Portugal in Extremadura land to participate in an international tournament in Extremadura.The occasion was painted bald and could not stay home from heat so we went to spend yet more heat to the Multipurpose Caceres, on Saturday with a poor Russia-Portugal and Sunday to see our wines together with a select group of kids pretty sure we will continue to delight with its vibrant basket, was faced with the unwanted Russia that we wet the ear in the European past, with Andrei Kirilenko to the head. On Saturday we drove to that flag, when we are at a roundabout with the bus of ” ” and “Julito” that there was the chauffeur who is set to pursue indications of previous “Mario Chozo” which was co-pilot, and we arrived at his hotel in concentration, so the tackle to get us a snapshot as if it were treated celluloid stars … But the best was yet to come, when the next day we went with the “rock CATERING MR JM CALDERON” to see Spain vs Russia that a priori was a “vendetta” by the end of the European past, but at thedessert was, baloncest sticamente speaking, “more boring than the birthday of Leonard Cohen” (as says “Juli”). For us it was the milk because a select group of pe istas could see the morning training of the “N” standing in court, (an entire greeting before Andrei Kirilenko) and do a number of photos, to the end give you a T-shirt Jose Pena, who as usual was very attentive to us. In short, a finde full of emotions and feelings. WE ARE THE !