Later, the progress

Later, the progress of the pedagogy, justify and development education camps. Thus today we can distinguish three types of camps: fun, research and education. Let’s say that this division is possible to do in view the formal objectives to be determined, since in the three, social education element arises even if they integrate the basic objective of the camp. The fun can be made either after the achievement of an activity such as hunting, or exploring unfamiliar areas by stimulating the feeling of adventure of the members without demanding too many dangers confronting them, or by simple economic tourism. But if the fact of coexistence, of sharing, and so on., Facing the individuality with the reality of the camp, educates their social relationships. Components. Similarly, the research, where after a scientific objective members are compelled to share successes and difficulties, they file individualism and the need arises for the common life. Finally, in education, the fundamental objective is to allow access to the camper to full development of their skills, rights and duties of persons living in a society. The experience of many institutions worldwide, has shown that the camp meets as a community control group, showing a live, healthy, physically and spiritually, and members of an alienating society, creating beings that by shifting regulatory frameworks absorbed in camp life, correct the defects of our society. This has led logically to the professionalization of the camp, given that it is not an improvised, but that serves a purpose delicate, important and essential, therefore must be planned based on proprietary techniques.