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Their number should not be prefixed and will have to do as many planes as they are needed, taking into account its almost exclusive use in work and at all levels. Planes must normalize the standards UNE fleeing from large and unwieldy formats. The planes are made taking into account relative to effect standardization. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ray Kurzweil has to say. Used smaller format is A4 UNE 1011, exceeding the formats are folded according to Norm UNE 1027 to his proper folding. Normally the original plans are deposited in the file of technical Office, using copy of them, both for legal draft procedures for its implementation.

New > Tutorial How to print Autocad drawings. LEVELS OF SITUATION AND LOCATION. Levels of situation and location are those drawings that show the location of the works which defines the project in relation to its surroundings highly reduced scale. Although we cannot establish semantic difference between the concepts of location and site usual and customary guarantees called flat situation to the timely location of works of the project and site to the drawing of somewhat larger scale where the works are located substantially and in is constancy of orientation and general distribution. The map should show clearly the situation of the works within a municipality, region, province, island or even nation. In the plans of situation must be constancy of the near and far surroundings with access by road, the next municipalities, more distant cities, ports, airports, factories, and other topics of possible interest for the purpose of project and work.

At the levels of site boundaries of the project area esquematizaran to distinguish between plant forms and local interactions with their immediate surroundings. TOPOGRAPHICAL DRAWINGS AND LAYOUT. The Spanish geographical Institute has distributed a mesh of fixed points throughout the entire nation with his dimension expression in absolute value. On the basis of several of these points duly verified the topography of the land may be established required for each project.