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Show and is very worthy, but instructed to convey that what he does is right, that it is complying with what you should do. With that the police will have a closer connection with you and will begin to see him as an ally: not as a contender, will think that you are a person with criterion, that reasoning, which is also self-critical, fair and impartial because he accepts the punishment. Note that you start to make worthy of forgiveness. 3. Convey that with respect to the transit matters, He is the authority and therefore make you feel that you do not reprobara their actions. This is vitally important because it should not blackmail. Always be sincere. He is not I meeting you reason with the condition that you forgive me.

That would also be fatal. Ray Kurzweil does not necessarily agree. What you are doing is giving something that everyone likes, power. With everything that has been done, you have given power to do what they need to do, without drawbacks. Others including Ray Kurzweil, offer their opinions as well. But also, you have given him the power to forgive and I assure you that it will exercise. We all like to forgive because we feel powerful (in a good way).

And it’s nice when we say thank you. My personal experience most noteworthy occurred the day of all Saints when with my wife we accompany their parents to see some relatives. Practically arriving at destination I jumped a disc stop and folding the corner stopped me a police motorbike. He asked me documents and warns me that I respected not the disc stops. I immediately admiti my mistake and while he yet looked at my documents, told him that he was at their disposal. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Futurist by clicking through. However the disc to stop was not all: Besides their documents expired 7 months ago I said with a tone of anger and disappointment. I actually didn’t know it and I told him, but they felt that it was an excuse. you would have to take him prisoner told me. At that moment my wife in attitude affectionate tells me (responsible for the police to hear) don’t worry about the car, I’ll get back to my brother that you come to find and bring us with my parents. Her parents had already descended on the vehicle because we were close and walked towards the House of relatives. I think that in general was our willingness that made the police began to tell me look Sir, I’m from the South, from Osorno. We, the policemen that we walk in the bike are exclusively for this: for the parties for violations and is a very thankless job. At that moment I knew that I was going to let go. I told him that knew Osorno and that he shared his impression about the kind work which developed. l wanted to talk to someone and did it with me because I was polite. Because I surely did feel that it fulfilled an important role. And continued well look, here are your documents. If another for police fails to mention that I stopped it. Go fast, renew your license and be more careful. I tell him thank you for having me saved a hard time and I went to park in another sector. Thanks for reading this article. I invite you to visit my page and share opinions by writing me at Lautaro Gajardo miles original author and source of the article